Project in Mexico, Costa Rica en Panama


Exploring new business in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama in the third week of September 2016 for companies active in the rehabilitation and prevention sector. The three countries have strong growing markets for new and innovative products, therapies and services. Distributors in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama are willing to meet you and explore the possibilities in these markets. Join us on this promising trip.

Why Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama ?


Overview of Mexico City

Because of :

– The real demand from local distributors for innovative diagnostics and rehabilitation products.
– Growing awareness of the importance of prevention.
– The high potential medical healthcare growth markets.
– The fast growing increase in income of their habitants.
– The urge demand towards new European quality and innovative products.
– The increasing and continuing demand for revalidation products due to the population’s aging.
– The understanding that disabled employees must resume work as soon as possible.
– The large number of European retired winter visitors and expats retiring in these countries pristine beach areas.
– The high average economic growth rates (+3% last 5 years)
– The second largest TAX FREE zone in the world (PANAMA)
– The LOW IMPORT TARIFFS for recovery products and prevention lines

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