What is the problem?


You would like to grow in or beyond European borders, or to start a project in the water, renewable energy or  or sector. However, you don’t know where to start, or you might need some extra hands.


Is this your situation?


You own a company in the medical, water or renewable energy sector. You are employed as project manager, business developer, or you represent an organization. Sooner or later, you realize that you want to start a complex project in Europe or Latin America. Or you feel that the European market is too small for your ambitions and you want to start expanding. How can you successfully stimulate sales of your products and services and projects beyond European borders? Maybe you should step outside of your comfort zone.


What do we suggest?


First of all: focus on a realistic goal! Next, convert this goal into your personal quest: an alternative way to reach your destiny. Each quest faces many challenges such as foreign languages and cultures, selecting a trustworthy partner, financing and bureaucracy, not to mention corruption. It would be very helpful if you could rely on someone who already went through this. Someone with experience in exploring, developing and expanding businesses across borders. Someone who has already walked this road many times and who is committed to delivering results. This is not just consulting. This is much more! Southquest will handle your export or project management for you as if it were our own.


Southquest focuses on cooperation with individual companies that want to achieve more export in Europe, the Americas or to execute projects in Europe or (Latin) America. Southquest can participate as project manager or as export manager.


Who is Southquest?


Southquest is a company that specializes in export management and project management. The focus is on (Latin) American and European countries. Southquest is owned by Brigitte Duffhues. She has been active in export management and project management for more than 25 years, mainly in different European and Latin American countries, but also did business with other regions. As a result, she has a broad network of partners in Europe and Latin America. 


How can you find us?



You can follow us on LinkedIn.

This is our newspage: LinkedIn from Southquest